iAccount that lets you pay and be paid….dololo data cost

Launching 28 June 2021


MoyaPay and be MoyaPayD.

Send or receive money to bank accounts.

Take cash out from ATMs and shops.

Buy i-airtme…i-data…i-electricity...#datafree.

Get paid to your MoyaPayD account.

Send money to other MoyaPayD accounts...dololo charges!

Pay using MoyaPayD at taxi ranks, estation, bus stops, spazas, emakhete - kuphinakupi!

Khokh’moya from bank charges

Own your own QR code to get MoyaPayD and professionalise your business hustle..

Get a linked MoyaPayD prepaid Mastercard

Any Questions?

Mahala cost to register.

Mahala monthly account charges.

Mahala charges to spend your money.

Some transactions may incur fees imposed by third party services, e.g. bank ATM charges, cash withdrawals, debit card top-ups etc.

Anyone over 18 years old living in South Africa with a registered mobile number.

To register you will need a SA ID or foreign passport or other valid identity document.



100% guaranteed.



People have trusted Moya for more than two years. You can trust MoyaPayD.

You know it. Always.

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